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How do you know

I'm new to this, I knew I had a problem...whic began at a very young age...but until I took the test and recived my score...I had no idea how bad it was.  So I have been using the tools here for a week.  Thank you!  Initially I my goal was to the week went on I changed it to reduce consumption dramatically. Basically so I can take the test and fall within the healthy norm.  I do not want to abstain when I am out for dinner.  I set limits instead.  Last night I set a limit after faithfully abstaining.  I was out with a friend that knew my limit and supported just one more.  Which I quickly took advantage of, the 5 days prior I kept with it, now I went one over my preplanned amt.

How do you know if you simply have to abstain or if this is just week one hiccups?