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Needing to quit for good

Although anonymous, posting in a group is frightening. I am fully disclosing that I have a drinking problem and need help.  I have not hit that proverbial rock bottom.  I have a great job, recently bought a house on my own and never drink during the day.  Nobody but me has any idea how much I do drink once I get home.  Its amazing how the mind can manipulate you.  Just have a glass of wine while you are making dinner.  Before I knew it, the bottle was gone and I was headed out to get a second bottle.  I have beer in my refrigerator for when I have company that I don't touch, but have realized I have a HUGE problem with wine.  I tell myself never again, only do it the next day or a few days later.  I am so tired of trying to recall the events of the night before, or wonder who I've offended this time over a text.  I have got to quit!  I can't share this with my children or friends, so here I am.  Completely putting myself out there.  I am an alcoholic and I need help.