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Life is a challenge. Does alcohol not help us?

One must ask the question why there are so many mind-bending drugs, including alcohol, that are available to us to lessen our misery and dissatisfaction with our lives.

If they were not available, many of us would not know where to turn to lessen or nullify these feelings we have?

We are not alone.  In fact, we are many.

Oh, how great it would be if we could just be happy and adjusted to life as many proclaim to be without alcohol or drugs or both.

The reality is that we are not happy with our lives or we would not be coming to forums such as this one to pour out our hearts, and thoughts and feelings.

I believe admitting to the fact that something is missing in our lives is in fact a major step towards our ultimate healing.
We need not engage in intellectual or philosophical discussions.
The truth is that life is and has been a challenge for us all. Is it coincidence or a much greater plan for ages to come? We admit to it and seek a remedy to escape it.  Stopping drinking or other substance abuses will indeed clear our minds.  But, there remains a malaise that we still have clinging to us.
I conclude this post with one thought:  Are we spiritual beings having a human experience or are we human beings subject to isolated spiritual experiences?  The response to this question will answer many of the unexplainable and mysterious experiences we have had during our short sojourn in this limited body of flesh. Moreover, it will answer the question of where we came from and where we are headed.


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