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Day 1 (leveraging CAMH AHC to successfully quit)

8:30 am.  First CAMH-AHC step done: I've completed the Getting Started.  
Comments: I've committed to logging onto this support forum in the evening prior to facing my biggest trigger: when my husband arrives home and pours a glass of wine.  I MUST avoid  and distract.
Today I am cautiously optimistic and a little insecure in my confidence to succeed with today's goal.  
Today's Goal:  ZA - zero alcohol
As well as DISTRACT and AVOID, my plan is to DELAY any temptation with a 5-15 minute relaxed breathing exercise while thinking about my daily reward and my 6 month reward.  My 6 month reward is using a $1/day for each of the 182 days that I don't drink, to buy a celebratory gift to give to each of my children.  In the 5-15 min delay time, I will distract myself by thinking of ideas for those gifts and imagine their delight in receiving them. 
Next CAMH-AHC step:  sign on again at 5:45, review coping,  select 1 gift option for 1 child to think about as a distraction/coping.  
Day 1 - Today's Goal:  ZA - zero alcohol