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Gus Feb 23, 2018 (09:11 PM)  

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Hey concerned,

I had been off the alcohol totally for 2 and a half years. I had a really stressful situation back in the fall, and I used that as an excuse to drink. A poor excuse, but excuse nonetheless. 

When I quit almost 3 years ago, I was dealing with really bad OCD  and anxietY.  Once I stopped drinking, most of the OCD and anxiety went away. Maybe drinking is impacting your ocd and anxiety, so maybe quitting will relieve you from that? 

Just a thought. I hope you are doing ok
Take care

Ashley-Health Educator Feb 15, 2018 (03:35 PM)  

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First of all, congrats on one month of abstinence. That is an achievement in itself! It is great that you noticed a difference in your OCD symptoms within that time. That's all very positive. The fact that you tried moderation after the month is great too. Now you know without a doubt how alcohol affects your mental health. I can read that you are still conflicted on giving up alcohol because you enjoy it and you use it as a crutch. This is understandable and it is not an easy decision to take the plunge into complete abstinence. The fact that you are even thinking about it and possibly preparing for it is very positive. Try to keep focused on this choice to ensure you eventually make the right choice for you and you don't just fall back into old familiar patterns.

Working on this program and reading in the support group may help you in your desicion and motivation. You may also write a pros and cons list. The more you are thinking about this, reading about this, talking about this, the better. 

Please keep posting. You are not in this alone. It has been awhile since you posted last. How are you doing today?
Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

foxman Feb 05, 2018 (07:05 AM)  

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My suggestion is visit one of the local AA meetings. You may attend an "open meeting" where you dont even have to label yourself. Also, you may read the book Alcoholics Anonymous especially the chapters "More about Alcoholism" and "There is a Solution".

There is an online version also:


Concerned Feb 04, 2018 (10:31 PM)  

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Hi all, getting straight to the point the last 6 months I have been in therapy for Generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. I decided to go fully sober for January to see if it helped with I guess my recovery. My checking (OCD) was much less and I didn’t have the self doubt that I usually live with daily. My husband certainly noticed a difference. Now that’s it’s February I’ve started drinking again, nothing over the top (in my opinion anyway) but a few glasses of wine a night and I have back tracked big time! I’m uneasy, irritable, etc. I enjoy a glass hence my problem but am coming to the realization that it is really detrimental to me (my therapist would be so proud). I am now going to try to stick to one a night but I think in all honesty I need to actually give it up. I am a teacher and a mother and it has on a few occasions got in the way - the drinking that is. My Dad has always struggled with alcohol and my childhood was not a very pleasant one to say the least (que the therapy). I am trying to get better and this realization that I use alcohol as a crutch is kicking in. I don’t know if I’m ready to give it up 100% but deep down I think I know I have to. Any advice is so greatly appreciated. The GAD/OCD diagnosis are new so I’m still coming to terms with that.

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