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Jayar May 13, 2019 (08:28 PM)  

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I exercise too much. Does help some. In fact if I cannot find a job I would happily return to hospital because I was exercising more than usual there. And eating veggies and whatever healthy there was to be obtained. Improved my outlook greatly.

rick_h Oct 24, 2009 (11:36 PM)  

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Hey Kelly,
Although I am not on antidepressants myself I can tell you that many of my AA friends are on various antidepressants. I do suffer from panic/anxiety attacks however. So you are completely normal and you share that affliction with alot of others both alcoholic and those without any addiction related issues. I see in our area a high number of people in recovery that need assistance from medication. 
There are other ways of dealing with the depression as well. Exercise can be a valuable addition to the help your therapist is offering. Exercise will release natural antidepressant's in your body. Another valuable tool that I really enjoy is breathing exercises and meditation. Using exercise and meditation completely frees me from my panic attacks when I do them regularly.
I think that many of us turn to alcohol because we are depressed - I think you are on a wise course. It often takes some time to get the meds balanced but try to be patient you'll get it sorted out.

Samantha - Health Educator Oct 21, 2009 (08:26 PM)  

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Hi Kelly,
Congratulations on 3 months, we are right here with you through this.  You have made a huge change in your life, try doing something else you love (exercising, painting, knitting, watching movies).
Members, share your experiences.

Samantha, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

Kelly Oct 21, 2009 (01:20 PM)  

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Hey all,

I'm coming up on 3 months now of being sober and experiencing quite a lot of depression. I have been seeing a therapist regularly and yesterday was perscribed an anti-depressant. I know that I have used alcohol to self medicate for anxiety and depression so taking that away has increased my symptoms to sometimes unbearable levels. 

I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through taking anti depressants after quitting drinking? I'd love to hear your experiences.



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