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Schmoo Jan 14, 2019 (03:09 PM)  

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Hi there! I'm an almost 50 yr old woman who has finally decided to get her drinking under control. I'm what you call a binge drinker I guess from past research and I long to activate my "I've had enough" switch that I'm not sure was ever turned on. Stress is my biggest trigger and the silly thing is I know drinking makes it all worse, but it gives me a few hours off turning it off...it's an escape, but as of late it's becoming a problem. I'm becoming defensive and angry. This isn't who I really am. I spoke to my doctor today and she suggested PARRC...as I browsed the site a link brought me here...I don't believe in coincidence but divine intervention...so here I am...not sure where to start but ready to take the first steps. 🙏🏻❤️

Ashley-Health Educator Jan 12, 2019 (03:29 PM)  

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Welcome Coach!

Thanks for telling us a bit about you. That's great you were able to quit for a month. How were you able to do it then? What worked for you?

Ashley, Health Educator

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Coach Jan 10, 2019 (12:46 PM)  

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I am a 67 year old male that needs to cut back on drinking for health reasons.  Most prevalent are high blood sugar and liver enzymes that can get out of whack.  I quit completely for a month last year and my sugar levels and liver enzymes perfect.  I never consume more than 4-5 drinks in any period but have trouble once I have a drink or two then I want more.  Just wanted to say hello and let people know what I am about.

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