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foxman Feb 15, 2019 (06:49 AM)  

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Yep, you got the fact. In AA we call it the un-treated alcoholism. Many let the guard down and get restless irritable and discontented and hit the "blind spot". Pick a drink or two and the craving kicks in and end up drunk and then the guilt remorse and shame. They dont make it back to the rooms. Its like diabetes, the pill though is daily maintenance of our spiritual condition.

Kari Feb 14, 2019 (07:43 AM)  

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Yesterday I was thinking about what triggers me to drink, and I realized it wasn't just places. Like certain restaurants trigger me because I used to always order a drink. But really what triggers me most is my emotions. When I want to celebrate I drink, when I'm bored, tired, irritable I drink. Every emotional extreme triggers a desire to drink for me. So I was brainstorming what to do when I have these emotions and I came up with the following:

When I'm bored I will try a new Exotic restaurant.
When I'm tired and irritable I will lay down and close my eyes I. A dark silent room for 15 min or however long it takes for the feeling to pass.
When I'm sad I will let myself cry and do some journaling or go for a walk.
When I want to celebrate I'll try a new activity like going to the indoor pool, going tubing, again trying a new restaurant, bowling, going to watch a movie etc. 

I need this lost to remind myself there are other reactions to emotions that I can have that do not involve drinking. When I feel these emotions I will stop and say " I feel tired and irritable" and acknowledging this I will refer to my list and put my action plan in motion. 

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