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Lynn123 May 24, 2020 (08:53 PM)  

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Good to hear from you.  I do not have any experience with AA meetings, but I’m glad you have found online meetings to help you.  As to the anxiety, a lot of the anxiety I experienced actually came from drinking.  I rarely drank during the day, but the stress of thinking about those nightly drinking weighed heavily.  I completely agree with what Ashley mentioned in her post about lessening the craving of alcohol.  For me, giving up alcohol removed the anxiety. Over time, with the anxiety gone, the craving of alcohol left too.  

All of journeys are different, because we different.  I’m happy for you that you’re finding things out about yourself and taking steps to work on them.  I wish you continued strength as you move forward.  


foxman May 24, 2020 (06:15 PM)  

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has anyone else experienced this type of realisation?
I found this link that shows the vicious cycle. Worst part, we keep hitting the blind spot over and over again. That is the key part to realize. That is the reason we ought to work on overcoming the "internal discomfort". The 12 steps offers that. Meetings help but we have take a deep dive.

Ashley-Health Educator May 23, 2020 (05:07 PM)  

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Hi Vee!

Thanks for updating us. I am glad you are finding tools that are helpful to you.

Great realization! It is common for anxiety sufferers to use alcohol as a coping mechanism. As you have noticed, alcohol tends to make the anxiety worse in the long run, especially the day after drinking. If you work on managing anxiety you may find that you naturally crave less alcohol as a coping method. Check out our sister site: https://evolutionhealth.care/index. You may find the depression and anxiety programs helpful. I highly recommend. I think anyone can benefit from learning Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (what the programs are based on). If you decide to check out the programs let me know. 

Take care,

Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

Vee May 22, 2020 (08:59 AM)  

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Hi everyone 

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this time in our lives, how is everyone doing? I have decided to go to online aa meetings, I find they help me , I know f2f are better but for me right now this is what I think is working, I mean in the end its what actually works for you , 
 I have come to realize something really big last while, I had some drinks I noticed my before , during and after feelings. I have high anxiety always , so before , I have anxiety and worry and worry . when I have a drink that worry is gone , I feel good, relaxed and no worrying! I chase that feeling all night , next morning I am hung, physically ill, anxiety has come back even worse and shame and guilt ( even if I don't act like and ass) is there too. crazy ,. I have been thinking about these before , during and after feelings a lot , the pattern , the cycle . it literally is what happens every time. I thought it was big and wanted to share . has anyone else experienced this type of realisation? anyhow I really hope everyone is doing well . 

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