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Ashley-Health Educator Feb 23, 2017 (01:41 PM)  

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Welcome PerpetualOptimist,

First of all, good for you for 2 months alcohol free. Great work! How were you able to achieve that? What worked for you?

Having slips is very common in recovery. The key is to recognize that it was a slip and learn from it. What triggered you? How can you prevent those triggers in the future?

Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

Julie Feb 18, 2017 (04:32 PM)  

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I tried a few times to quit and moderate and it didn't work until I accepted that I actually had to give up alcohol permanently.  Then I decided to do whatever was necessary to maintain my sobriety.  There are many different paths to success.  For me I read everything I could get my hands on, watched documentaries, read blogs, joined "Tiredd of Thinking About Drinking" website 100 day challenge and committed to quit for 100 days and went on from there. I began to meditate, walk in nature, and lots of self care. As I began to face things without alcohol, I found that it was possible and success built confidence.  Eventually I got help from a therapist to begin toward some stuff through.  Best of luck as you begin your journey.

foxman (Online) Feb 17, 2017 (03:40 PM)  

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I learned that alcoholism is a progressive disease. After a long period of sobriety we start, we get the way we were but much more. I had to seek help and boy was that a great decision. Life is so different than before.

PerpetualOptimist Feb 17, 2017 (10:23 AM)  

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I've known I have a drinking problem for a few years now. I guess I thought it would magically go away and I'd be able to control it without any help (and continuing to drink). Last year I started a new relationship and a few months in my drinking problem became apparent to my partner. I promised I would get help but was scared and didn't know what exactly that meant or how to go about it. I recently did 2 months of not drinking, doing it by myself, no counseling, no AA, just no drinking. On Wednesday I drank and I drank a lot and lied to my partner about it but got caught. I don't want to lose this person and I also don't want to lose myself either. I guess my goal is to try again and this time use some tools to help me. If anyone has an suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

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