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Ashley-Health Educator Apr 20, 2018 (03:05 PM)  

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Hi Bmac,

Congratulations on beating these triggers. Going for a walk was a great idea! It is frustrating to have triggers and cravings, especially when we are not feeling well emotionally. It takes a lot of strength and planning to get through it. Take it day by day and know it will get easier. Not only will you start to feel better physically but you will also start to feel better emotionally. This is temporary pain for long term gain. Keep it up! You are already doing amazing.

Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

Bmac Apr 19, 2018 (09:35 PM)  

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I'm on day 2 and it was rough, the triggers that sometimes get me came to get me today, by the end of the day I was not doing well. Came home from work took a long brisk walk to clear my head and get away from the urges. I hate that I can lose control at any moment due to my emotions and what is going on in my life, it is so depressing at times. I always want to just get numb.   

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