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Ashley-Health Educator Oct 11, 2019 (05:39 PM)  

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Congratulations on getting through those temptations. You deserve that reward. Enjoy!

Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

Vee Oct 10, 2019 (06:28 AM)  

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Congrats on the mustang High Tower and not giving in to AV!!! Also congrats on being on your way to reaching your goal!

Lynn123 Oct 08, 2019 (07:18 PM)  

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No doubt you will enjoy that car High Tower.  Overpowering that AV is tough and it's never ending isn't it.  

You're so right about not being happier after a bottle of whatever hors controle.  It's one of the things that keeps me from not reaching for a bottle when the AV gets loud. :)  

hors controle Oct 08, 2019 (05:48 PM)  

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Good for you High Tower to get that Mustang BUT mostly to resist the urge and remind yourself that you are so close to your goal.

Anyway, we are not happier after we have that bottle :-)


hors controle

High Tower Oct 08, 2019 (04:01 AM)  

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I bought a car today, A 2007 Mustang with 75,000 Km (about 46,000 Miles), Extremely low mileage and in very good condition, was kept covered in winter and driven mostly on highway. This was purchased through a family member so I know the history 100%. I love Mustangs and bought a new one back in 2005 when they went retro, it was a convertable. Perfect for Arizona.

Anyways My first thought was to buy some vodka to celebrate. A week ago I had a really crappy day and AV was telling me to drown my sorrows and forget things for a while. The Alcohol Voice is really tricky and you can't let your guard down at all. Anyways after a few minutes of temptations I reminded myself of my 1 month commitment and that is close to a week away now. It was so tempting to want to celebrate but I held strong.

One day at a time, one hour at a time, resist the urge and it will go away. At least for me this time, thank God.

Keep strong
High Tower

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