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Ashley-Health Educator Nov 22, 2019 (02:16 PM)  

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Great to see you High Tower!

That is great to hear that you are doing better at moderating. It sounds like the limited budget is helping. If only we can transfer that technique to when you are already drinking... hmm.....

Perhaps rewarding yourself in another way during off days might encourage you to have more alcohol free days? Just a thought.


The AHC Support Team

hors controle Nov 19, 2019 (08:01 AM)  

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Hi High Tower,

Happy to hear you are doing well. I was wondering why you were not posting anymore. Very good that you can respect your "drinking budget" :-)

I had planned to stop again on the 15th but that did not work. Planning again today. Yesterday, I kept repeating myself how so much better I was feeling physically when I was not drinking. I was telling myself also for a few hours this last night when I was awake because I do not sleep much when I drink. Thank you for encouraging me, I appreciate

hors controle

High Tower Nov 18, 2019 (08:41 PM)  

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Hi all

Haven't logged in or posted for several weeks, I hope everyone is managing well. My main goal was to not spend as much of my disposable income on alcohol and I am doing pretty decent with that. I now spend less than half of what I was spending when I joined so I am moderating much better now. That said I still feel I drink too much and I am not wanting to totally abstain. I do abstain when my budget is gone, I am only allowing myself a certain amount to spend and I am trying to make my allotment last longer and longer. I am making progress but it is slow. When I have drinks I want drinks ..lol. 


Keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this. You are stronger than you think and you have people around you who love you. Draw from that and remind yourself of the reasons you want to abstain. Remember your journey is like a marathon through the country side, The terrain will be easy at times and sometimes it will be nasty. A slip, trip or fall just means you have to get up, brush yourself off and carry on. When you manage to navigate that difficult terrain without any slip or falls then feel extra proud of yourself cause - You Did It !

Stay Strong Everyone
High Tower

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