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Ashley-Health Educator Jan 17, 2020 (12:51 PM)  

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Hi Jessmess,

Thank you for sharing how Naltrexone worked for you. Congratulations on your success! Perhaps your story will also inspire others.

Thanks again,

Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

jessmess Jan 11, 2020 (12:35 PM)  

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I have been sober for almost 4 years now. I attribute my ultimate success to taking Naltrexone (Revia). Prior to that I tried "self control", counselling, reading books on the brain and addiction etc for about 2 solid years from the time I admitted to myself I needed to quit. These things gave mild success (not drinking for 1-3 days at a time but then "catching up" even harder...). One day I LUCKED OUT and came accross the Nature of Things episode "Wasted" about Naltrexone. I told my doctor to prescribe it. He had never heard of it. He brought in the pharmacist to do some research on it with me right then and there. They were both newly informed to its existence. I LUCKED OUT that this expensive drug was covered by my work's benefits. I started taking Naltrexone on my mother's birthday. I drank a bottle of wine (a relatively healthy day of drinking) but felt the effects differently. Day two I didn't feel the urge to drink. The practice/habit thought was still there but I did not have the URGE. By this miracle (I am someone who doesn't believe in the higher power stuff so I don't use the word miracle lightly) I was able to focus my energies on detox. I took Naltrexone for about 8 months. I stopped taking it on my sister's birthday. Obviously breaking the thought patterns and behaviours still required some adjusting and still does.......but from day two until now the smell of alcohol revolts me, I have zero urge to use it to smother whatever feelings I was smothering before. I am free. This drug was a miracle to me. I have been working through my issues without alcohol. If I ever relapse, it will be the death of me - intentional or not. I hope if anyone reads this they can find success with Naltrexone, too. Good luck. Love, Jessie.

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