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Ashley-Health Educator Aug 27, 2018 (02:06 PM)  

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Hi Fannie,

I am sorry to read how you are feeling. Normal withdrawal symptoms go away or drastically lessen within a week. If you still feel very down for over two weeks you may want to talk to your Doctor about how you are feeling. Remember that this is a normal part of withdrawal and soon you will feel better then ever. Talk to supportive people (like us!), plan low key fun activities, exercise and take good care of yourself.  

It has been a few days since you last posted, how are you feeling now?

Ashley, Health Educator

The AHC Support Team

toxicsoul Aug 26, 2018 (05:05 PM)  

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Hi Fannie,

You may want to try taking a complex "b" vitamin. Beer contains "b" vitamins so now that you've stopped drinking it, you may be experiencing a deficit. I personally feel much happier when I take it on a regular basis. Hope this helps!


Fannie Aug 24, 2018 (05:53 PM)  

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Hi All, day 3 of no drinking after daily drinking about 4 -5 beers, it’s going pretty well so far, no huge temptations.  But gosh feeling very depressed today, crying for no apparent reason, unable to smile.  Just wondering how long this will last and if it’s normal.  Any thoughts from others on this greatly appreciated.

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