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Lynn123 Mar 13, 2020 (08:23 PM)  

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Congratulations on your sobriety.  I have no experience in AA or the other groups you mentioned, but I agree there are many ways for someone to find their sobriety.  Everyone is different, therefore their journey will be different.  

Welcome to the site, and I hope someone is able to share their experiences with these methods.


foxman Mar 13, 2020 (07:27 AM)  

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I am sorry I dont have experience with other recovery outlets but AA. I am curious though, to hear from you what was your experience with AA. The reason I am asking is, because its a open and roomy fellowship there are people with various level of affliction become members and the worst part is they start sponsoring other people. Also many hear what is shared in meetings to be sole truth, they never hungry enough to explore the basic texts. Even if they do, there are people who pick parts of the book and believe alcoholism is about losing control AFTER we take the first drink. But we have to read atleast first 43 pages of the text to understand the whole concept. The spiritual malady, the mental twist/blank spots and finally the allergy of the body in that order. There is the connection between un-mangeability and powerlessness. How one leads to another.
So, did you ever sit with a sponsor and tried to understand these concept? Or where you just relying on meetings? There are lot of people who think meetings keep them sober. Unfortunately for few of us, we need more than meetings. We need an attitude shift that comes through working the 12 steps.

benito997 Mar 12, 2020 (05:33 PM)  

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I am a person in long term recovery from alcohol (and substance) use disorder. I used to drink to the point of getting back out drunk very often. I have found sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous but have recently been turned onto new forms of recovery namely - Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and somatic meditation groups. I am wondering what others out there have experimented with and if they have found success?  I am an ardent believer that there are multiple pathways to recovery and there is no one size fits all. 

Can someone share their experiences with alternative pathways?

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